Our Value Propositions

For companies that want true innovation, our team offers value propositions by strategic design, cross market innovation and function development. Our team is pioneer in circular design and biobased materials.

Circular Lab

In our Circular lab we build knowledge on biobased materials, modular design, ease for disassembly and repair, packaging refills, flatpack transport etc. We are advocates of the Circular Economy and strive to reduce the carbon footprint of existing products.

Product Teardown & Passport
Disassembly Manual
Circular Product Roadmap 2025

Tech Lab

Data and AI more and more need sensor tech to collect data in the physical world. 5g is coming. In our Tech Lab we build knowledge on Sensor tech and Connected Devices. We design Connected Devices, Sensor Tech, Water & Air purification, and Agritech.

Sensor Tech


Product Design

In our creative studio, makerspace and photostudio we explore and create compelling concepts. We deliver product prototyping and product styling in a wide field of products. We design Robotics. Electronics. Kitchen. Personal Care. Outdoor.

Product Design
Circular Product Design
CMF styling

Product visualization

We help companies with pitch decks, product launch and award applications by creating exploded views, cross sections, 360° spins and 60 second videos. We capture marketing dummies and final products in their best light settings.

Marketing dummies
360° Spins & Exploded views
CMF renders

Manufacturable Design

Our engineering approach begins before the design phase, by creating proof of concepts and structural designs early on. We understand the technical challenges to make a design ready for manufacturing. Under our A4M group brand we provide Design for Manufacturing and supply chain management.

Proof of concept
Component Structure
Engineering Guidance