Nestlé Soda Dispenser | Design for reduced packaging

Nestlé Waters North America deliver beverages to homes and offices with their ReadyFresh delivery services. In order to broaden their portfolio and increase efficiency of their logistics Nestlé wanted to develop a dispenser that could carbonate, cool and utilize their flavor capsule technology.

We made a technical feasibility including initial component layout, unit cost estimation plus visual for such dispenser.

Technical and Financial Feasibility for a soda dispenser with..:

  1. Adaptable carbonation levels. i.e. lightly carbonated to fully carbonated
  2. The ability to introduce flavours and enhancements i.e. like increased mineral levels.
  3. 5-gallon or 3-gallon water bottle compatibility.
  4. Straightforward installation and operation
  5. IoT connectivity.
  6. Easy to clean and safe to handle. Especially when it comes to changing the CO2 cylinders.




  1. 可适应的碳酸化水平,即轻度碳酸化到完全碳酸化
  2. 2.能够引入风味和增强功能,如增加矿物含量
  3. 5加仑或3加仑水瓶的兼容性
  4. 安装和操作简单明了
  5. 物联网连接
  6. 易于清洁和安全处理。特别是在更换二氧化碳气瓶的时候
Nestle Soda Dispenser