Circular Light | Design for Circular Electronics

The Circular Light was created with consideration of the Circular Economy and Carbon Footprint. It is modular in design, easy to assemble, disassemble and repair; flat-packed for transport. The use of recycled plastics, metals and wood, gives it a sense of regeneration and symbiosis.

Circular Design
A4M group was responsible for the research and product criteria for circularity of electronics. Check out Circo for the research methodologies used. Orange Creatives translated the circularity criteria into an aesthetic design with focus on DIY repair.

Design Vision
In 2021, video conference and vlog light’s were booming, but lacked any characteristics of a furniture object. We aimed to transform the practical gadget into a multifunctional design object.


Let us know if you are interested in implementing our research and methodology into your products! Or if you are interested in our Circular Light!

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