• From idea to prototype in 10 weeks

    Product Design, Engineering & Sustainability

  • Product Design

    Creative Direction, Concept design, Marketing Visuals

  • Engineering

    Construction engineering & Prototyping

  • Sustainability

    Circular Design & Biobased Materials

We understand your challenges

Together we work on Design, Engineering and Sustainabilty.

Need creative & aesthetic product design?

Are you looking for a creative team with inhouse makerspace? Do you need help to make your idea desirable?

Lack technical know-how and engineering?

Do you see technical challenges you can not solve by yourself? Are you not sure your idea is feasible or viable?

Want to start with sustainability?

Want to know how to transition to biobased materials, ease of repair, and earth-friendly packaging sollutions?

Our Design Packages

Win Clients, Pitches and Awards


Premium Package

  • Work towards a working prototype.
  • Best for complex products
  • Ready to get orders
  • Win clients.
  • Average leadtime: 10 weeks


Starter Package

  • Work towards initial concept visuals
  • Best for upgrading your pitch deck
  • Stay agile. Adapt & Pivot.
  • Feel the market
  • Average leadtime: 2 weeks


Starter Package

  • Work towards circular products.
  • Best for EU market
  • Stay ahead of the crowd
  • Win the next generation
  • One-day Creative Session

What is included in your package

Succesful Approach

Our experts will guide you through each step of our award-winning approach.

Dedicated Development Team

Our team will be tailored to your request, whether you need design, engineering or sustainability.

Proactive Feedback Sessions

From proposal to prototype you have (video) meetings at the start and end of each stage.


With our stage-gate approach we have created over 800 pitch-winnning product concepts.

Our strength


With Orange Creatives you have an international team on board.

  • Office in Rotterdam and Guangzhou
  • Team from Holland, China, UK and Italy
  • Cross market inspiration


We follow the latest design trends and technical innovations.

  • Exhibit at trade fairs
  • Attend design weeks & design awards
  • Market research


We help companies with product visuals, story-telling and award entries.

  • CMF & Marketing dummies
  • Renders, 360° Spins & Exploded views
  • Product Photos & Video

Boukje Koch


Mariet Schreurs

Creative Director

Toros Cangar

Senior Industrial Designer

Fatmun Liao

Industrial Designer

AJ Schep

Home Deco Director

Hui Chen

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Woody He

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ada Zou

PR & Sales

Jam Chung

Senior Account Manager

Carlo Molteni

Senior Industrial Designer

Our clients

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How do we start

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Topics we love

  • Planet GreenTech, Energy Transition, Clean Drinking Water, Clean Air, Biodiversity etc
  • People HealthTech, Dignified Aging, Inclusive Design, Prosthetics etc
  • Sustainability Circular Design, Design for Repair, Recycled & Biobased materials etc