• Design for the Circular Economy

  • Design for clean air & water

  • Design for biobased materials

  • Design for Solar Energy

  • Design for nature

Creating impact through design

Orange Creatives is a China based Design Agency with Dutch roots that loves to develop innovative products. We combine Western and Eastern insights, work styles and ideas. We believe that results in products that are more innovative and inclusive.

A4m group is our tradename for manufacturing

We design products with a purpose:

  • Planet Agritech, Energy Transition, Clean Drinking Water, Clean Air, Biodiversity etc
  • People Health Tech, Dignified Aging, Inclusive Design, Prosthetics etc
  • Sustainability Circular Design, Design for Repair, Recycled & Biobased materials etc

Our design process integrates:

  • Circular Design
  • Tech Trends
  • Product Design
  • Product Visualization
  • Manufacturing knowledge

Does your project relate to one of these topics? Or you wish it did in the future?


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