CMF | 我们在荷兰设计周2021重新思考塑料

Dutch Design Week 2021, Eindhoven

We found a lot of Recycled Materials and their applications at Dutch Design Week, check it out! Do you know companies that want to make their product portfolio better for the planet? Please contact us!


We love the new electric Mini Cooper at the Dutch Design Week. Living room on wheels. The Urbanaut interior contains completely recycled materials, and avoided leather and chrome altogether.

我们喜欢在Dutch Design Week 上展示的Mini Cooper 新电动车。贴合生活在轮子上的理念。Urbanaut的内部使用了可完全回收的材料,并完全避免皮革和铬。

Yksi Expo Rethinking Plastics. We visited and enjoyed the exposition at the Dutch Design Week Dutch Design Week by Yksi Expo . Go check it out.

重新思考塑料。我们参观了Dutch Design Week 荷兰设计周的展览,并欣赏了Yksi Expo 的展览。