Paper wrapper | Nuevopak

A basic problem in the packaging industry is the use of lots of bulky material and it’s impact on the environment. Nuevopak’s mission is to offer a total solution to this problem. After few years of intensive research, development and testing, Flexible Protective Paper Packaging Systems (FP3S) was launched, for which Nuevopak has since then become a global market leader.

Nuevopaks user friendly machines offer packaging solutions for cushioning, block and bracing applications, void-filling applications, and wrapping applications, using recycled paper.

Nuevopak asked Orange Creatives to design the casing around their new system: the PackTiger2 (PT2).

During the design process, Orange Creatives had to keep the following in mind: The PT2 paper wrapper will be used in industrial settings. The machine can be operated manually but also fully automatic. Touch‐panel is normally mounted onto the machine but it should also be possible to use separately from the machine. The PT2 is a vertical aligned machine, but a horizontal version will be made as well, which should re-use most of the casing parts. Nuevopak has in-house facilities for rotation moulding and metal sheet processing. We must consider that those techniques should be used for production.

Last but not least: Nuevopak wanted an ergonomic, user-friendly, modern looking design that stands out from the industrial look that is commonly seen in factory machinery.

And that’s what we did. We took the internal construction as a starting point, and designed a well balanced, robotic style casing around it. Taking care of ergonomic dimensioning and easy to understand interaction, it makes it easy to work with and great to look at.