Cubelets | Modular Robotics

Cubelets are robot blocks that combine to build thousands of thought-provoking robots. By combining sensor, actuator and logic blocks, kids as young as four, can create simple robots and get acquainted with the basics of electronics and programming

Eric Schweikardt, founder of Modrobotics developed the logic behind these simple looking modular blocks that exhibit surprisingly complex behaviors. Normal people like us don’t even come close to understanding how it works exactly, but what we did understand, is how to translate the requirements into good looking and producible blocks.

Design challenges:

  • Connectors: the blocks need to be electrically connected, and transfer data in any possible direction.
  • Space in the blocks: making motorized blocks with an available space of less than 25x25x25 mm.
  • Minimize amount of injection moulds: given that there are 10 cubes that only differ from each other by 1 face.
  • Tolerances: the small cubes are packed with components that all need to fit exactly in place.    CES hot stuff winner 2014