RV Autotech | Design for clean air

With the current pandemic taking place, hygiene and sanitation has become a major concern and focus in public spaces. In order to maintain a high level of sanitation, RV Autotech took the initiative to create an automated disinfection module that can mount onto their existing Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). The final design is modern, suitable for a wide range of indoor environments and has been built for easy assembly and easy repair.

Orange Creatives designed the component layout, structural frame, and aesthetic design including cable management and component access including first prototype. The AGV is used in hospitals, airports, gyms and other public spaces.

我们为RV Autotech设计了一个空气消毒的自动导航车(AGV)。我们设计了组件布局、结构框架和美学设计,包括电缆管理和组件接入,包括第一个原型。该AGV被用于医院、机场、健身房和其他公共场所。

RVautotech | Other Automated Vehicles

Besides the Disinfection Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), we designed several other items in the same series. Below you see a selection of our collaboration with RV Autotech. We are responsible for the component structure, aesthetic design and first working prototype.

除了消毒自动引导车(AGV),我们还设计了同一系列的其他几个项目。下面你可以看到我们与RV Autotech合作的部分内容。我们负责部件结构、美学设计和第一个工作原型。